The Day Before The Night Before Christmas, 2014

On the day before the night before Christmas, with midnight a few clicks away, I have no words of comfort, just warning. The situation is crucial. We are getting close to the edge where there are no winners. When we as individuals refuse to hold all lives equal, then we as a nation will always be unable to uphold the lofty ideals that constitute the tenets of our republic.

It’s time to step past our fear. It’s time to heal the dis-ease that has eaten away the fabric of our shared humanity. Truth and reconciliation time. If not now, then when? This is not the world I want to leave our children. Yours, mine, ours.

So the clock says it’s Christmas Eve now. Never-the-less, I will keep the title the same, as it was the inspiration for this rambling rant, plea, prayer, whatever. We are all one, or the whole thing comes undone.

Whatever you celebrate, or don’t celebrate-if you are blessed enough, lucky enough, random enough to have someone to love, then I suggest that you do so with mind, body, and spirit. Love them. Celebrate with them. Fuck the presents, just be present. Listen. Look. Learn. Rejoice. Just please don’t pretend that what’s happening in the streets of America right now doesn’t concern all of us.

...And to all, a good night.