Fade into twilight

The streetlights are stirring

The Night takes the stage and he waits for his cue

Picks up the riff

As the Daylight surrenders

The soul of the song is the same but the key turns blue

Out on the sidewalk

The tick-tock of time

Being talked into crimes of complacent design

A girl from The Gallows

Is turned into shadow

A boy with a buzz finds he’s just heterodyne

All the king’s forces

All the queen’s men

Join in with the chorus and sing at the end

The sounds of seduction

That mask the corruption

Keep the beat lively so no one will care

If temperatures rise

Or the foundation falters  

The sins of the past will be left to the heirs

Beneath the glitter

The gutter is silently stripping the bone where the meat still remains

Dreams come to life

In a bitter betrayal

Raised until ripe and then poured down the drain

All the king’s forces

All the queen’s men

Gather their voices and sing til the end

Oh oh cara mia

Oh cara mia mon amie mi amor

Oh oh Terra...Las estrellas lloran en la noche por tu dolor

©2019 Prophet Family Productions

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