Rants, reviews, & revelations

(occassional offerings of hindsight and compulsive pedantry)

Hey you. Over here. You. Yes you. Stop looking at me!

It has been some time since I decided to put my digital pen to virtual paper, and conjure up some semblance of structure upon which to hang my hardly humble insight, opinion, and advice. Reader, be warned; as is evident by my very first sentence, it’s going to be a rocky descent to the summit. All that really means, is that ideas can either be illuminated or obfuscated by the words that are meant to express them.

I sometimes have a tendency to over simplify. Other times, I hide the idea inside a mixed bag of metaphors and meanderings; sentences so long and laborious, that the mighty Poe, and even Herman “Billy Bud’ Melville himself, might possibly be, at least privately anyway, just a little proud of my admittedly amateurish attempt at accentuation, and, allowing for certain time/space variables in cultural evolution, are, at this moment, at every stroke of every key on this board, smiling at me from the ether, with a nod and a wink and a whisper.

The point is that language is the lock and key. Communication. The ability to communicate one’s self awareness to the external world. In the beginning was the word.

Here's a few from me...