Caution: Rebel Content

You found me. Good. That means that you were searching for something more. I can relate. I often find myself contemplating the darkness at the deep end of the night, or attempting to see through to the other side of the mirror. You are NOT alone. I am always listening, watching, waiting; looking for that wrinkle in time, a connection with the divine, the evolution of mind, transcendence of body, and fulfillment of spirit. If you can read these words, then you are The Resistance.  Watch this space. It's watching you...

I can’t hear the words you say

When I live in fear of their implications

If it’s all the same I think I’ll turn and walk away

Cos I don’t see the way you see

the world and me without reflection

If it’s all a game then what’s the point in placing blame

Still something has to change

I can’t sing the way I feel

about those things I still conceal

If it’s all the same, I really can’t recall my name

Okay, I must be Mabel after all.


London,  Paris.  Paris, Rome.  Nothing's right and nothing's wrong.  All together, all alone. "It could be worse" the captain said...only 14 dead.