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Words are like water in a way. They surround us: lifting us up, drowning us out, quenching our desires; wonderous and worldly, simple and sustaining; wearing away at the rock of our existence: reshaping, reviving, destroying, and renewing. Words are all around us. Sometimes I write them down.

Music tends to do what it wants. The atmosphere is alive and loud. I'm barely hanging on by a half-note and hoping I can keep up, or at least hold on. Humpty-Dumpty said it best, I guess. Click a pic below, and listen for free. I will be offering songs for sale in the near future. Hear something you'd like to use? Hit me up here!

Songs, or something like that


Outside Wonderland

Electric Sheep

Eclectic Soul

Americana-inspired Funky Folk Rock

Post-Populist Cognitive Dissonance

Electronica Moronicus Muzak

Music for Moving Pictures

Undercover Soul

Covers and interpolations