My thoughts on The Last Bookaneer by Matthew Pearl

                                                                                                      21 February 2016

The Last Bookaneer, written by Matthew Pearl, and published by Penguin House in 2015, is another successful example of this intelligent and talented author's ability to draw you into a fascinating, fully realized fictional tale overflowing with both historical fact and educated fancy. Pearl has a way of weaving a story that engages you long after the last page has been turned.

Now, If this were a professional book review, I would proceed to expound in depth on the statement I put forth in the proceeding paragraph, citing examples from the novel, and offering my ever so hazy insight as to the themes that I feel Pearl's writing encompasses.

Since this is not a professional book review, and since I'm not in the mood to pretend that it is (lucky you!), I will use the author's own words to describe my reaction to his latest work.

On page 10 of The Last Bookaneer, Mr. Fergins-a central character to the plot-remarks on reading works by Sir Walter Scott, and Robert Luis Stevenson: "When you begin to read them, you feel like a boy again, and when you close the book you've turned into a better man."

Yup. What he said.

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