In that anything can be considered The Truth these days in this wonderful new world of information overload, and, given our propensity for continually attempting to persuade others to see things our way, I hereby throw my proverbial hat into this petulant ring, with rants, raves, raunch, and revelation. Never let it be said that I didn't wallow in digitized self-importance with the very best (worst) of them! Parental discretion is advised...or ya know, whatever.

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It has been some time since I decided to put my digital pen to virtual paper, and conjure up some semblance of structure upon which to hang my hardly humble insight, opinion, and advice. Reader, be warned; as is evident by my very first sentence, it’s going to be a rocky descent to the summit. All that really means, is that ideas can either be illuminated or obfuscated by the words that are meant to express them. I sometimes have a tendency to over simplify. Other times, I hide the idea inside a mixed bag of metaphors and meanderings; sentences so long and laborious, that the mighty Poe, and even Herman “Billy Bud’ Melville himself, might possibly be, at least privately anyway, just a little proud of my admittedly amateurish attempt at accentuation, and, allowing for certain time/space variables in cultural evolution, are, at this moment, at every stroke of every key on this board, smiling upon me from the ether, with a nod and a wink and a whisper. My point is that language is the lock and the key. Communication. The ability to communicate one’s self awareness to the external world. In the beginning was the word, because without it we’d still be hiding from lightening and sleeping in trees, not even having made it to our provincial ancestral caves to come crawling out of at a later date. When I can think of anything else to say, I'll let you know. Until then, check out my "review" of The Last Bookaneer!

Black Cat