Soul Prophet & the Faithless Few

Soul Prophet & the Faithless Few is the stage name for performing artist Noël, an enigmatic and energetic songwriter, singer, actor, and storyteller. His blend of folk, rock, and Americana-inspired acoustic music compliments and underscores original lyrics that are simple, intelligent, and engaging. Whether playing solo, or accompanied by a band, what stands out is Noël’s ability to connect with an audience through his stories and songs, told with passion and playfulness.

A veteran of the stage, Noël worked extensively in live theater, dance, and performance art throughout the late 1980s and early 90s, establishing himself as a versatile and powerful actor, equally as compelling when taking on roles in works by Strindberg, Miller, and O’Neil, as well as Mamet, Bowne, or Shepard. At the same time, audiences along the eastern seaboard between New Hampshire and Virginia, delighted in watching him perform in dance roles like the Mouse King, Grandfather, and Mother Ginger in The Nutcracker. Noël was also a background player on the Fox TV show, Key West,  an extra in the film, Spotlight, and remains active in independent and student films.

As a founding member of the reggae-rock troupe, Dredi, Noël helped shape the unique sound of western MA reggae, and shared the stage with a number of reggae superstars, most notably: Third World, Yellowman, Big Mountain, and the late great South African singer, Lucky Dube, who he had the honor of playing with on two separate occasions.                    

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The Tooth Of Crime               Crow                  Berkshire Public

Search And Destroy               Kim Feston             Theater

American Buffalo                   Teach

Beyond The Horizon              Robert Mayo

Jesus Christ Superstar          Jesus of Nazareth

Beirut                                     Torch

Miss Julie                              Jean

Burn This                               Pale

Othello                                   Othello

The Crucible                          Reverend Hale


The Nutcracker                      Mouse King         Albany-Berk. Ballet

Peter & The Wolf                   Grandfather              

Midsummer Night’s Dream    Duke of Athens


Polly & The Murderers          Xavier                    Independent

A Grim Reaping                    Jeronimo               Student Film

Tides                                     Old Chris               Student Film

Harvest Moon                       Diz                         Student Film